Ultra Tight Fleshlight

ultra tight fleshlight

* Customize and build an ultra tight fleshlight

If you are a butt guy or totally crazy about anal then you absolutely have to try out the Ultra Tight sleeve for your Fleshlight with the butt entry. This is one of the better to simulate anal sex because it’s as tight as the real thing is supposed to be. With a quarter inch diameter it is going to really put the squeeze on your penis so make sure you are ready for it or the first few times may end up like mine were and a little shorter than what I was going for.

The other factor of this particular sleeve is that as soft and silky as it is, you are going to need a serious helping of lube to get the best results, but if you had wanted to go fast then this is going to do the trick and give you an experience that she isn’t likely to be all that thrilled with in terms of giving access to her butt. Since this isn’t hurting anyone you can go to town on the Fleshlight and get an experience that is likely to rival the most intense anal scene you’ve laid eyes on.

While the Ultra Tight is good and a bit more advanced than the Super Tight Fleshlight, I would take advantage of the 3 for the price of 2 offer that Fleshlight is running right now and get it along with the Super Ribbed fleshlight and the Original. This way you get the full spectrum of stimulation without having to settle and that is always a plus for those of us who crave variety.

The butt model is great, but if you prefer the vaginal or even a super tight sucking experience with the mouth entry then you are free to go that way, as well. This is certainly one that might not be the best choice for playing with her together in person since it can be hard to watch her using her own toy and not lose it before you get to her, but if you think you have the stamina it’s worth a shot.

If you get it as part of the His and Hers special offer package then you can see how long you both last together, but be prepared to try to go slow so you can keep pace with her and try not to give away how good it feels.

The best part of this particular model is that as tight as it is, you aren’t risking any sort of pain since the material has a great deal of give to it just like her own vagina or anal canal. That is a major plus that puts this toy right up there on the list of choice Fleshlight Sleeves.

Order The Ultra Tight Fleshlight Here (Through The Official Fleshlight Website)