Misty Stone Fleshlight

misty stone

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You guys already know I am an avid Fleshlight lover and simply have an insatiable appetite for how well these toys work and how exceptional they feel. Each one brings something new to the table that another one doesn’t, and having the luxury to switch things up, change sleeves, and play with a new Fleshlight girl every day is something I wouldn’t change for the world.

Which is exactly why my cock leaped to attention the moment word spread about the new Misty Stone Fleshlight and the unique Bump n Grind sleeve that comes with it.

It has taken next to no time for feisty Misty to jump into the ranks of the world’s sexiest porn stars through her appearances in the Avatar parody, the Cosby Show parody, and the Flintstones XXX parody. Needless to say, the moment I first saw her I couldn’t shake the visions of her bangin’ ass and perfect dick sucking lips out of my head.

Her and the new Misty Stone Fleshlight are the perfect contrast to the other Fleshlight girls I own, with her beautiful caramel skin and the unique bump n grind skin that meshes so perfectly with her look and personality. Once I unwrapped my new Fleshlight for myself I couldn’t believe how realistic the Fleshlight looked as they were able to match her skin color or how perfectly sexy her swallow sleeve was in person. In fact, I didn’t even bother downloading or buying Misty Stone porn to go with it, I was just so turned on the exotic look of the Fleshlight and so excited to bump n grind with her that I whipped it out and went to town.

In fact, every since the Misty Stone Fleshlight showed up at my house I have had an insatiable fetish for black afro-American women that just has not stopped. Thankfully I can satisfy all of that whenever and wherever I want.

The best way to describe the new Bump n Grind texture is that it is similar to the Vortex sleeve but 10 times better. It is one of the most realistic and orgasm inducing textures I have ever felt.

Probably the best part about picking up the Misty Stone Fleshlight was that I got a discount with the more I purchased. I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to fuck Misty in the ass, in the pussy, or in the mouth, and I didn’t have to. These Fleshlight versions are some of the most realistic I have ever seen so I gobbled them all up (and now Misty gobbles on me on the regular if you know what I mean) and can barely ever put them down.

In the end, now I’m sitting back and simply praying that Fleshlight keeps cranking out Fleshlight models for all kinds of ebony porn girls. While Misty keeps me more than satisfied, you can never have too many models or too much fun with Fleshlight girls these days. I get any kind of girl, any kind of sex, and any kind of pleasure I want…whenever I want it.

There are no regrets with Misty Stone, or any Fleshlight model for that matter.

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