Fleshlight ICE

fleshlight ice

> More detailed photos of the ICE here, including a 360 view + video

As you guys know, I really love the Fleshlight toys for males, but there are so many it can be hard to call a real favorite. Whenever they come out with something new, though, you know you have to try it out to see what it’s like because if it bears the Fleshlight brand name then you already know it’s going to be good – right? Well, when I first laid eyes on the Fleshlight ICE I honestly was not too sure exactly what the advantages to this masturbation device were.

After all, it appears to be just like the other models except it comes in a transparent clear material that you can see straight sure. Curiosity got the best of me, so I did end up buying it, but could it really live up to the Fleshlight name and convert to being a fan of the ICE?

I have to confess, the first time I used it, I couldn’t really see much difference in the sensation. Yes, it felt great with the pussy orifice, but it wasn’t all that different. I watched my movie, got off and wondered if I had wasted my cash on this one. It didn’t get cold or do anything strange, so I wondered where the magic was. I waited a day or two, confident that I must have missed something. I tried it again, but I got the same results.

Now as most of you already know, it was my girlfriend who got me started with the Fleshlight. This was her way of making sure my needs got taken care of as a man in case she didn’t happen to be around when the need arose. Since I can take the toy with me on business trips, we have way better phone sex than ever. She can use her toys and now I have mine. It turns out, she showed me what I was doing wrong.

Here’s the part I was missing – the Fleshlight ICE is not supposed to feel different, the point of it is in the visual aspect. Now, I don’t know about you, but I have spent a decent portion of my life looking at my penis on a fairly regular basis. I didn’t think there would be much left to discover, but my girl showed me how wrong I was on that count.

If you have ever noticed, a lot of women will tell you that they “learned a lot about their body” by using sex toys. They don’t have outward genitalia so a dildo, a vibrator and other toys help them explore themselves, so to speak, so they can learn more about places their fingers might not find all that accessible. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

This is where the Fleshlight ICE goes from a nifty toy to straight up outstanding as a sexual aid. Once you get into the swing of watching what you’re doing, you will get a lot more than impressive visuals. Because you can see inside the toy, you can actually tell what part of it is touching you where and when. This is a big aid that is going to come in handy because, like girls know, we can actually learn a whole lot more about our bodies than we think we already know.

For instance, you can learn about timing with the Fleshlight ICE in a way that is not going to happen with the other models. You learn about the depth a lot more precisely than you would if you were going off of sensation alone. Let’s face it, sex is a pretty mystical experience for the vast majority of us because we can’t really see what we’re doing the way you can in a porn movie. That’s why a lot of people watch porn, actually. They want to know how to have sex better.

This is primary purpose of the Fleshlight ICE. By showing you what you’re doing and how you’re doing it, you start to learn in much more vivid detail exactly how what you do affects your own sexual sensitivity and once you learn that, you get a great deal more control. Yes, the visual stimulation alone is fascinating, but you can really use this sex toy to take your lovemaking skills to the next level. I definitely advise buying this one!

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