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Hello, my name is Tom. I consider myself a fleshlight fan and expert. I started FleshlightReview.net three years ago to educate people about the various fleshlights that are available to buy. I’ve received tons of emails from people all over the world curious about the fleshlight. I’m glad to have helped everyone out! The fleshlight is a male sex toy, the next best thing to screwing a girl. It LOOKS and FEELS like real pussy, and is tons of fun. The fleshlight has made my masturbation life 100 times better.

It might seem strange for a male to use a fleshlight but how can something that feels so good be wrong? Girls don’t seem to have hangups about using vibrators/dildos so why should it be the same for males. Once you start using a fleshlight you’ll never go back to your hand.

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> Original Fleshlight Review
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My reviews are up for the STU fleshlight, Wonderwave, Super ribbed, Vibro, ICE, and other fleshlights. If you have any questions feel free to contact me


Original Fleshlight Review

Today I want to talk about the fleshlight that started it off for me, The original pink lady fleshlight. My girlfriend bought it for me as a birthday gift; at first I took it as a bit of a joke but since then I’ve been using it every time she’s away or I’m traveling. Luckily the customs officers haven’t found out about my fleshlight in the luggage! That would be rather funny trying to explain what it is to them. I’ve had the original fleshlight for a couple of years now and I still enjoy it. The Lupe Fuentes Fleshlight is one of my new favorites as well. That girl is so hot!

The original fleshlight is completely smooth on the inside and the opening in 3/4″, it’s perfect for me and better for dudes with thicker cocks. I have also read this fleshlight is favored by uncircumsized men. If you want things to be tighter to simulate anal sex I suggest you go for the super tight or ultra tight insert with the anal orifice. You can read about those inserts here. These days I seem to prefer the textured fleshlight inserts (Like brooke skyes fleshlight which features the lotus texture) and the tighter ones, It seems to get me off quicker and feel better.

Click the picture below and read more information about the Fleshlight or order yours today! Remember guys, It feels like real pussy!

original fleshlight

Order Your Original Fleshlight Today – Read More Here

Still not convinced? Then keep reading my fleshlight website and follow the links below:

Fleshlight In Action / Fleshlight Videos

Where To Buy A Fleshlight?

Why Buy A Fleshlight?

Brooke Skye Fleshlight Review

UPDATE May 2010 – Brooke’s fleshlight is no longer available. Sorry! For an up to date list of the fleshlight girls then click here and scroll down. Here is the original Brooke Skye review below.

So we all know about the original fleshlights, I’ve discussed that in previous reviews. Today I’m showing you the brooke skye fleshlight. If you aren’t familiar with brooke skye let me tell you about her. She is an internet starlet that is super hot, a softcore nude model. You can see her nude pictures and videos at my friends blog – Brooke Skye Blogger. The guys over at fleshlight decided to include her in the fleshlight girls family and create a fleshlight that is molded from the shape of her vagina. It feels as good as my original fleshlight! If not a little tighter. This is about as close to it comes to actually fucking brooke skye! I wonder if she has a boyfriend?

Here’s a photo of my brooke skye fleshlight. Have any pictures of your fleshlights? Send them to tom AT fleshlightreview.net

brooke skye fleshlight review

Here is a picture of the beautiful Brooke Skye. A very nice addition to the fleshlight girls family!

brooke skye

If you’d like to order this “special” fleshlight please follow the link below.

Order your Brooke Skye Fleshlight Today!

Another Fleshlight Review

Okay, It’s been a while since I’ve posted any fleshlight information or a fleshlight review. Today I thought I’d let you know about the Super Tight Fleshlight and the Ultra Tight Fleshlight. If you prefer your pussy to be nice and tight then these are the fleshlights for you. Read this information below! Just remember, it’s a step up from the normal Pink Lady fleshlight in terms of the tightness and sensations.

Super Tight Review

The canal on the Super Tight is 1/2″ where as the Original Fleshlight is 3/4″ . It feels really realistic and faily tight on the average size penis.

super tight fleshlight
Order the Super Tight Fleshlight Today – Ships in 24 Hours !

Ultra tight Review

This flesh light is very nice and tight. It makes me feel like I’m fucking my first girlfriend again! That’s surely something to fantasize about while I stick my cock up this ultra tight fleshlight, you have to use your imagination sometimes. It’s a 1/4″ canal opening, but feels like a really tight pussy as you stick your cock in there and the “superskin” expands to grip around your cock like a girl with a tight opening. I recommend you use lots of lube for this flesh light. If your cock is really thick you would want to go with the normal pink lady fleshlight or Super Tight Fleshlight instead, take my advice on that. The Ultra Tight goes really well with the butt orifice, providing a realistic anal sex experience.

ultra tight

Here’s a picture of the Butt opening – As I said before, I recommend it with the Ultra Tight.

ultra tight

Order your Ultra Tight Fleshlight today
– Remember, It Will ship in 24 hours in completely discreet packaging.

Check out the internet porn star Raven Riley’s Fleshlight. She a solo girl model and part of the fleshlight girls line of custom made fleshlights. I’ve listed some of the fleshlight girls on the left of this website. Each picture is linked to a corresponding video. They made this fleshlight look just like Raven Riley’s pussy, and it feels like real pussy to. While you’re watching her videos you can fuck her pussy now, well almost, as close as you might get.

raven riley fleshlight

raven riley using a fleshlight

Order your Raven Riley Fleshlight Here

There are a number of other fleshlight girls you can choose from. I’m sure you must have heard of one of them! Here are the names: Eva Angelina, Teagan Presley, Tera Patrick, Lia 19, Raven Riley, Jesse Jane, Jenna Haze, Lupe Fuentes and Riley Steele. There used to be some different girls such as internet model Brooke Skye, but those have been discontinued.

Just want a normal fleshlight? Check out the link below and read everything you can about these things. It’s best to be educated before making a decision on something to buy.

Read this Buyer’s Guide From The Official Website

Review of the fleshlight

So you’re interested in the fleshlight? It is the #1 male sex toy in the world, with over 2 million units sold (Update: As of May 2010) internationally and more being sold everyday. Why? Simply because it feels like real sex and real skin. It is soft, silky smooth, and comes in a few colours. I’m getting horny just typing this out! I might have to warm my fleshlight up and start using it.

The only hard choice would be selecting which one to use as I have quite the collection. I must say I’ve been enjoying watching Lupe Fuentes videos and using her custom fleshlight. Just take a look at these different fleshlights below.

They come in either a vagina, mouth, butt, or non descript opening. So pick your favorite.  Here’s a picture of what the vaginal orifice and mouth and butt orifice look like.

the pink lady and mouth orifice

When purchasing a fleshlight from the offcial website you are given the option to select an insert of your choosing. Here are a list of the most common and popular ones with brief descriptions

Original – Pair it with the pink lady vagina orifice to experience the most realistic vaginal sex possible.

Wonder Wave Insert – This insert was voted #1 in stimulation and matches well with the mouth orifice

Speed bump – Tons of soft massaging beads inside the fleshlight canal for the ultimate in stimulation and instant gratification!

Ribbed – With a 1/2″ canal it’s tight and really stimulating. I’m loving this fleshlight insert.

Super Tight – Just like the original canal except tighter with a 1/2″ canal

Ultra Tight – Even tighter than the super tight! This is best matched with the butt orifice to simulate realistic anal sex. This fleshlight is good for guys with less than average girth as well. Or if you feel like screwing a virgin again then give the ultra tight insert a go.I recommend the pink lady vagina orifice with the wonder wave or super tight insert. It feels the best and also looks great. You can’t really go wrong with any of these but take my recommendation.

For more information check out the following links on my fleshlight website:

To see the fleshlight being used click here for videos

For some reasons on why you should get a fleshlight check out this page

Wondering where to buy a fleshlight? Read this first.

Order your fleshlight today! It ships in 24 hours in completely discreet packaging. It feels like real pussy and it’ll last you years.